Sentinel AVE provides technology solutions and services for our customers and partners. Sentinel offers:
  • Complete systems for use by our clients
  • Integration of Sentinel products into our partner's products
  • Services to support Sentinel products and partners and address new market opportunities
Sentinel provides advanced solutions for security, operations, and surveillance based on innovative use of imagery and 3D models. Our solutions provide value by simplifying and automating the acquisition and analysis and presentation of information.

Sentinel MVETM Mobile and Wireless Video

Sentinel MVETM mobile video edge software enables real-time video communication and management for wireless and mobile edge devices, from one or many devices, to one or many user clients. It enables mobile/wireless streaming of live and recorded high quality video from multiple cameras from anywhere to anywhere any time. Public networks provide many challenges to live video streaming. They are not always reliable; they do not always deliver the bandwidth you desire or require. MVETM adaptive bandwidth streaming detects current bandwidth and adjusts resolution dynamically without compromise video quality, resolution and frame rate. With MVETM software, users stream real-time video at high reliability, resolution and frame rate from a few cameras or thousands of cameras over wireless networks - including 3G, 4G, LTE and other public networks.

Our software is a leading solution for video surveillance / transmission from nearly any location to any permitted user. Sentinel MVETM high-performance software transmits both real-time video and data from wireless and mobile devices as it happens, to those who need to know such as security personnel, service employees and managers, suppliers, law enforcement, EMS and military. Secure recorded video is also available for analysis and record purposes.

AVE Video FusionTM

3D video visualization system improves assessment and response in security and surveillance for military and high value installations. Simply fly over buildings, sites, and cities and automatically manage thousands of cameras to observe activities. Video surveillance and remote operations are simplified and more effective with AVE Video FusionTM. Personnel watching and controlling dozens (or hundreds) of video cameras cannot effectively monitor a site and react to events. AVE Video FusionTM technology fuses images into a 3D model of the scene and provides operators with simple view control while automatically steering PTZ cameras to cover the areas of interest. AVE Video FusionTM ushers in a completely new era in large area surveillance and remote operations, allowing personnel to focus on tasks and reaction rather than the complexities of controlling a camera system.

Sentinel software has been successfully deployed or tested in numerous environments including by the following:
  • Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation / US Department of Defense
  • Chevron U.S.A. Inc.
  • University of Southern California
  • US Navy / Pennsylvania State University Applied Research Lab
  • HRL Laboratories
  • Hautespot Networks Corporation
  • City of Atlanta/ Geo Digital
  • Olympus Corporation
  • Titan Security Group LLC
  • Middle East - O&G Demonstrations
  • Ireland - a government entity
  • Singapore - a government entity
  • Malaysia - a government entity
Legal notice: use by any of the preceding parties does not constitute an endorsement of Sentinel or of its products by any such party.