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April, 2013 - MVE collaborates with HauteSpot Networks and Sentry360
HauteSpot Networks and Sentry360 collaborate to demonstrate 180 degree 8 megapixel wireless live streaming camera Details
May, 2012 - GSN: Government Security News
MVE featured on GSN: Advances in wireless video straming for emote infrastruture Details
April, 2011 - Press Release ISC West
Sentinel AVE will be demonstrating their software to qualified system integrators, distributors, OEMs, and members of law enforcement in their hospitality suite at the Palazzo hotel, immediately adjacent to the Sands Convention Center where the ISC West event will be held from April 5th to 8th. (Details)
Sept, 2009 - US Patent
US Patent Office grants Patent No. 7,583,275 - Augmented Virtual Environments (AVE) for Visualization
July, 2008 - CNET News
AVE featured on CNET News - "It sure looks like Google Earth, but it's not..."
July, 2008 - Google Earth Blog
AVE featured on Google Earth Blog - "Sentinel AVE which has developed some jaw-dropping technology suitable for future application to Google Earth... AVE goes a huge step further with video in a virtual globe. First, they've developed a capability to simultaneously play back multiple videos in a dynamic 3D world scene..."
July, 2008 - OGLE Earth
AVE featured on OGLE Earth - "That's a first. Yes, Second Life has the ability to show a video in-world onto a screen, but an avatar can only see one at any one time. SkylineGlobe also lets you add 2D video clips in their globe, but you can't distort the projection so that it fits around a 3D object, like AVE does. Sentinel AVE seems to have cracked the scalability issue..."
July, 2008 - Softpedia
AVE featured on Softpedia - "These videos offer incredibly accurate details of buildings, interiors, and even people. Video Fusion, the patented technology the team of researchers came up with, allows integration of hundreds of pictures caught by surveillance cameras in one single video, in a tridimensional perspective..."
July, 2008 -
AVE featured on (ENG) - "Maps and videos to 'monitor' the world..."
July, 2008 -
AVE featured on - "The software, AVE Video Fusion, “combines Google Earth-like features with live camera videos projected on a 3D model” as noted in a video caption. It is written from scratch using C++ and OpenGL..."
July, 2008 - Microsiervos
AVE featured on Microsiervos (ENG) - "This video is so acojonante that has left flip up to experts in these things, so futuristic and unbelievable that even Jack Bauer dreamed of having something similar at the seventh season of 24..."
July, 2008 - Software Zone IT
AVE featured on SWZone IT (ENG) - "Sentinel, a company founded by the U.S. Department of Defense submitted the demo of a new service that allows 3D maps literally "fly" through the metropolitan areas..."
December, 2007 - SocialTech Blog
AVE featured on SocalTech Blog - "As much fun as you can have with consumer oriented, mapping systems, imagine if you could take a live webcam feed –and there are literally millions of these — and overlay them in real time onto a 3D map..."
January, 2007 - LA Tech Week at USC
AVE featured on Ken Hayes Blog - "If you’ve watched "24", you’ll recognize this technology. Absolutely awesome, technically. A bit scary, if you’re nervous about "Big Brother"..."
November, 2006 - IMSC News
AVE featured on USC IMSC Newsletter - "The future of AVE technology is immeasurable, as we envision endless possible applications for the blossoming technology..."
October, 2006 - US Navy, Arlington
Sentinel wins SBIR award for 3D Modeling as applied to Automating the Production of Terrain Databases. Sentinel will use its expertise to automate the creation of 3D Models of grounds, terrain, and structures from aerial images and Lidar data. See (NAVY 06-144)
October, 2006 - US Army, Research, Development and Engineering Command, Fort Belvoir
Sentinel is rated best overall in technical merit among 249 SBIR candidates for its AVE visualization science and capability, in response to SBIR [Dynamic Integrated Video/Virtual View] (Details)
August, 2006 - AVE
Sentinel successfully completes installation AVE visualization at a major facility in California.
July, 2006 - Raytheon Company, Huntsville
Sentinel selected by Raytheon as a subcontractor to provide 3D Modeling (fused Lidar and imagery) for Raytheon’s bid on a major Army (Engineer Research and Development Center – Topographic Engineering Center ERDC-TEC) initiative.
June, 2006 - Olympus Corporation, Tokyo
Sentinel signs a worldwide cross-license with Olympus for license of RIMR image recognition/search to Olympus. Olympus will use RIMR in cell phones in Japan and China for consumer retailing.
Olympus launches cell phone mobile picture retrieval test system in Japan [Details]
Mar, 2006 - University of Southern California, Los Angeles
USC signs a comprehensive Investment and License Agreement with Sentinel. USC acquires an equity interest and licenses 3D Modeling and AVE visualization to Sentinel.

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Excerpts from the Army’s Evaluation:

“Criteria 1: Technical Merit Strength: This is the best all-around technical bid in terms of directly addressing what was requested. …The authors have by far the most relevant and capable starting point, providing an excellent foundation. They have done considerable research and developed methods of projecting real time video, images and sensor data on 3D model substrate to produce a powerful approach for enhanced situation awareness and information comprehension.

Weakness: No significant weakness. ...The authors are not strong specifically in the area of the military use case, but …they did a good job of mapping their commercial concepts into a military context.”