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AVE Video FusionTM

The AVE (Augmented Virtual Earth) Video Fusion provides a revolutionary surveillance solution that improves situational awareness, threat assessment, and response coordination through video fusion technology. Traditional surveillance systems display video streams on separate screens, thereby providing no integration of information, no high-level scene comprehension, and no situational awareness. AVE Video FusionTM provides a complete "god's-eye view" of the entire surveillance scene including real-time video projections, images, icons, maps, and 3D site models - all on one screen - to maximize "big picture" comprehension and security.

AVE Video Fusion Software Architecture


  • Fuses imagery, sensors, and geospatial data in a single context for visualization from arbitrary 3D viewpoints
  • User views automatically adapt to sensor alarms/status, geo-referenced positions, or user selected views/paths over the entire site
  • Support 100's of cameras and sensors over arbitrary-size site areas.
  • Automated PTZ control to visualize areas of interest
  • Network video in a distributed architecture easily integrates with existing surveillance systems and components
  • Arbitrary display size and resolution
  • Support Google KML data interfaces
  • Screen-based user interface for ease of operation
AVE is the unique solution for wide-area surveillance systems involving many cameras and sensors to cover complex sites such as military bases, government facilities, airports, rail stations, borders, coastlines, harbors, power plants, and commercial infrastructure.
AVE Video FusionTM is a mature product that Sentinel licenses and installs. Contact for more about pricing, applications, and about integrating it with your companies solutions and systems.

1. US City Fly-through Local Version


2. Video Earth Local Version


3. USC Local Version


4. Atlanta Local Version


5. Malibu Local Version


6. Introduction Local Version


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MVE Mobile



7. Washington DC Local Version


8. US AVE Sites Fly-Through


9. 3D SCADA Overlay


10. Application for Broadcast


11. AVE Sites Highlight


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